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What does a strong digital experience team look like?

In partnership with CMS Wire, we surveyed 426 digital experience professionals to explore what the modern DX team looks like and cares about. Download this report to learn:

  • What a strong DX team looks like
  • How you can be a leader of the pack as your team makes new investments, hires new talent and deploys new strategies in response to workplace trends

95% of respondents say that the digital customer experience is a high or critical priority for their organization in the next year.

As organizations consider building better digital experiences, key considerations for platforms include:

1. APIs for administration authoring, interoperability, decisioning and delivery

2. Content modeling and extensible content types

3. Content and experience analytics

Key findings from this report include:

A majority of companies (74%) have between 4 and 20 people on their DX teams. Very small and very large DX teams are rare.

Respondents say the areas in which they have the biggest skill gaps on the DX teams include customer journey mapping (43%), voice of the customer (41%) and engineering (39%).

Half of organizations (49%) are exploring headless CMS in some capacity, most of them in conjunction with a traditional DXP.