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Website personalization: strategy guide for enterprise

Research shows that 71% of consumers expect personalization and 60% will buy again if they receive a personalized shopping experience. But how do you create meaningful personalization on your website? This guide will walk you through:

  • What website personalization is
  • Challenges to consider
  • Reasons to opt for personalization
  • Types of site personalization
  • 5 tips for starting your personalization strategy
  • How to set up personalization with Zesty.io and Salesforce

Take a strategic approach to personalization

Today, site personalization goes beyond just adding someone's name to a landing page. It can encompass several digital channels, delivering recommendations, pop-ups, navigation guides, multi-language, and localized content. Rather than provide generic one-to-many content, enterprises can build up one-to-one relationships with each customer, making them feel understood and valued. This guide will talk through specific steps on how to do that.

Discover 5 tips for starting your website personalization journey

Learn the structure of how to begin your personalization journey.

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    Omnichannel experiences
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    Tracking and measuring results
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    And more