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Headless CMS buyer's guide and RFP template

The world of content management and digital experiences is vast. This guide will help you identify your priorities and craft the right questions for your headless CMS RFP. 

  • Understand your resources and how to properly leverage a platform to alleviate workload
  • Gain a better understanding of what a headless CMS is and what key areas to evaluate
  • Know what questions to ask when evaluating vendors and how to align those answers with your business priorities

Understand the purpose of a headless CMS and how it can support your business goals

A headless CMS is an important part of the digital marketing ecosystem and evolution of more traditional content management systems. Headless CMS provides businesses with the ability to create and publish content to a multitude of digital channels. With the frontend code removed from the backend code, headless CMS gives more flexibility to development and content teams, setting them up for success in an ever-changing digital world.

This guide will walk you through these important differences and key questions to understand prior to sending out an RFP.

With so many options, an RFP can help you narrow down the best headless CMS for you

Whether you're focused on expanding to new markets or growing your current market presence, a headless CMS plays an important role in helping your business grow. This RFP guide provides you with questions to:

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    Clarify the most important aspects of a headless CMS for your team and your business
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    Identify the current and future fit of each vendor
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    Understand integration, implementation and support needs and potential additional costs
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    Simplify your decision process across your organization